McGrath Amphitheatre Information

McGrath Amphitheatre

But what is it about McGrath Amp that makes it so special to visitors, guests, and music lovers from all over the world. Is it the naturalized outdoor setting located on the west bank of the scenic Cedar River? Is it its close distance from and relationship with downtown Cedar Rapids? Or is it the wide selection of community events, music tour dates, and special shows, concerts, and festivals it hosts?

Most locals will tell you that it’s all the above and more. As McGrath Amp has become a destination for entertainment all year round, with their most famous events coming every summer.

What to Expect

But what is it like at a concert? Well, the best picture of what it’s like can be found in user reviews from their various shows. And the consensus is clear.

Most guests will say that they had a great time at the show. Because the vibe and atmosphere is relaxing and welcoming with many frequent guests being the kind of chill and positive voices that can make any show worth attending. There’s a sense that everyone’s out to have a great time.

As for the facilities, many customers have said that the grounds are clean, the concession stands serve delicious foods in a variety of styles, and the drinks are always cold and refreshing. So you never have to leave hungry and you’ll never regret enjoying a McGrath Amp cooked meal.

Finally, fans often praise the venue for having some incredible concerts from some of the hottest performers around. This includes:

  • Bonnie Raitt
  • Willie Nelson
  • Gary Allan
  • Incubus
  • Ben Folds
  • Blues Traveler

Just to name a few.

Brought To You With Support By…

But McGrath Amphitheatre wouldn’t exist without the love and support of the community. It’s proud to see regular support by Governor Kim Reynolds, the Iowa Arts Council (a division of the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs), and through the federal CARES Act. It also has earned a favorable reputation with local and chain businesses and is a popular destination for major performers across the world, with a history of successful event presentations. 

But more than that, it also represents the heart of Cedar Rapids with its focus on cultural enrichment, recreational entertainment, educational opportunities, and economic benefit to the regions and communities it serves.

The McGrath Amphitheatre Philosophy

The venue has a philosophy centered around events. Because it considers events, both local and national, to be the lifeblood of a successful public assembly facility. It wants to bring the best events possible to the people of Cedar Rapids so that you can enjoy an incredible and memorable time.

McGrath Amphitheatre Statistics

But let’s break it all down. Because sometimes seeing the numbers in an easy list can make all the difference in seeing why a venue is one of the best. So here are some fast facts about McGrath Amphitheatre to get you hyped for all of their upcoming shows and events.

  • Over $49.5 million total visitor spending
  • Open for over 524 event days
  • Over 565,000 total attendance
  • Over 410 total events
  • No less than 21 Full time employees

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